Review: Supersapiens Glucose Monitoring System

This isn't a sponsored blog, as using the Glucose Monitoring Unit is something I've wanted to trial for a while now, particularly as I prepare for Race Across America. So I bit the bullet, purchased and as such here is a bit more about the what, why's and my conclusions after a month of using … Continue reading Review: Supersapiens Glucose Monitoring System

Magnesium & Recovery

With my #PACE140 challenge underway and the increasing training load as I work towards the Race Across America in 2022, I'm keen to make sure I manage the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) as best I can. I'll be honest, I'm not the best at always taking time to focus on proper recovery - life is busy and often I'm off the bike straight on to something else.

Diet and IBS

For me stress and food are the two most common factors that drive bouts of IBS - as I've found trying to sit on a bike for 16 or more hours a day quite quickly triggers at least one of those factors. So, as part of my 5 year plan and the pursuit of endurance cycling glory (in my terms at least) I need to get a grip on my IBS and control it, rather than it controlling me and my performance.