It is just 4 weeks until Challenge 1 of the 12 I have planned for each month of 2017, all in aid of Make-A-Wish UK.

Challenge 1 is the Wokingham Half Marathon, a little over 13 miles of what I am assured is a PB course. I should be receiving my race pack in the next few weeks and as such things are starting to feel more real – in both realising what I’ve committed to and the physical pressure the increased training is taking on my body, particularly my knees. That said, I feel great – both physically and mentally, which is good because the 12 challenges are going to see me trekking, running, cycling and swimming over 1,200 miles, excluding the training miles, this year.

I’m not an athlete by any stretch, I don’t have a compelling story to tell, no burning reason to put myself through these 12 challenges. They are things I’ve thought about doing for a while, so it’s not that I saw 2017 as a year to kick start a fitness drive. I’ve been keeping fit for the past 9 months, but there was no purpose to it. I need a goal – something to aim myself at, something to accomplish – without that I am just bored. These challenges might not seem much to some, but for me they are challenging yet realistic, particularly as I am self-funding everything, from race entry to building the road bike that will see me through some of the challenges ahead.

So am I scared of any of the challenges? The sprint triathlon has me worried – I am not a natural swimmer and I am finding the co-ordination difficult. The thing that scares me is the fear of failing. It is what drives me, that competition with myself and others, to be the best version of me I can be. So in completing the 12 challenges I hope to do something that matters, something better, something that makes a difference, something that has the power to change lives.

So challenge 1 is just the start of a journey…

Make-A-Wish exists for one reason – to grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. Whether it’s starring in their own films, walking with dinosaurs, going on an amazing holiday, meeting a celebrity hero, or having a life-changing bedroom makeover; the wishes are varied, personal and, most importantly, magical.

You can donate to the Miles for Wishes challenge through my Just Giving page;

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