In need a cheerleader?

I’m looking to take on two mentees, to help them on their cycling journey and achieve their own goals

I’m training to become a qualified cycling coach. As part of my learning and development process, I’d like to take on two mentees. I’d love to be able to share my experience with you and to help develop your performance and enjoyment in cycling.

What is mentoring?

No matter where you are on your cycling journey it can get hard, lonely or feel like you get a little lost. A mentor is someone who can be there, when you need, to guide you along the way.  It is someone who has experience in a similar background and can be a sounding board for ideas or frustrations. A mentor is a personal cheerleader, someone there to help you focus, to reflect and to keep you motivated.

Mentoring isn’t the same as having a Coach, a mentor can help you with;

  • Guidance on setting goals
  • Time management
  • Accountability
  • Reflection

Ultimately, it’s having someone there to help you achieve your goals.

How does it work?

The specifics and duration of the mentoring support will be agreed by both parties in advance. However, commonly it is a regular meeting (most likely call / video call), where the mentee sets the agenda based on what they want to get out of the meeting / process.

I’ll be initially only looking to take on 2 mentees at this time, but anyone not take on will be contacted should future opportunities arise.

Plus, it’s free.


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