Born in the heart of the Chilterns, with an Italian heritage, Grupetto Mergozzi CL known as GP, was a work horse, forged in the fire of endurance cycling. It is with a deep sadness that, today, we say goodbye.

Born on 12 July 2018 GP instantly enjoyed the freedom that the open road brings. It was a brief but full life, travelling a respectable and oft hard earned 10,000 miles.

Both bike and rider were relatively unknown, but they came with big dreams and managed to exist on that fine thread that lays between success and failure. Looking to make an instant statement, GP and his rider embarked on a challenge to ride 1000km through 5 European Cities in just 5 days. However both suffered on the road with the journey ending early on the dark Parisian streets.

The goal was always to push harder, further and faster and 2019 started successfully, the unique challenge to cycle around the M25 solo completed and looking resplendent on Strava. It only got better from there when, together bike and rider set a new self supported record for the Welsh Three Peaks.

GP was not only part of records, but also firsts – seeing the rider to Third Male in the Bearbrook Duathlon and then in his first Audax in January 2020. This sportive bike really began to shows its endurance capabilities, thriving under the uncertain conditions that Covid-19 brought. a Knighthood and a step in to the world of virtual racing, with the inaugural Virtual Race Across the West and a 3 day epic from London-Land’s End-London racking up the pairs longest ride.

There is no success without failure, and as is common with a life road on 25mm rubber, tarmac was kissed. However, as his rookie rider vehemently exclaims “Every ride is a lesson”.

GP’s life ended honourably, fate striking a cruel blow on an ascent to what should have been Everesting glory. Vital organs were torn and sadly following inspection it was declared the condition was terminal. “Life hangs on a mere thread, who would have thought a thin, S shaped piece of metal could wreak so much pain and suffering?”.

His owner can take comfort in knowing that GP will, in death, create new life by donating his organs.

In honour of this amazing legacy, the family asks you to give generously to “in memory”.

A public service will be next week, when UPS Driver Craig comes to collect the remains.

RIP – 12 July 2018 – 28 September 2020

A final note

This meant as purely humour and I hope it is seen as such, it is not meant to offend or make light of death or obituaries. Organ donation is a beautiful thing, the ultimate act of selflessness that is to be able to give life in death. I can not imagine the heartache that making such a decision must bring the loved ones left behind. So, I’m just want to take the opportunity to ask;

If you’ve ever considered insuring your bicycle, or after reading this think you probably should, then you could do far worse than speaking to the lovely people at Yellow Jersey – who have been brilliant in resolving my claim quickly, fairly and with great customer service.

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