My recent challenge left me with a lot of questions – about what I am doing, whether it really is that inspiring, my ability, my determination and ultimately why on earth I am doing this to myself.


Such a short and simple word, a word that starts and ends so many questions. I support Make-A-Wish UK and the reason for that I hope is pretty clear, but surely that can’t be it? That can’t be the only reason to go this far?

I’ve taken a bit of a break – 5 days off from exercise and from social media, just to recharge but also to reflect and take on what I’ve learnt from this first challenge of the year. I tried to capture how I have felt about the South Coast Sprint and the bigger why, so here are some of my ramblings…

Gold poem Poster (1)


My why? Summed up by someone far more eloquent that me;

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains, and is, immortal”

This is not about fame, money or status – it is absolutely about standing for something and inspiring others to do the same. For me the why is about what Make-A-Wish do for children facing life threatening and critical illnesses, it is the magic those dedicated, caring and inspiring people create that absolutely matters. To give and to lessen the load.

Wishes take more than magic, they take people.

People who do something incredible for someone else.

We all have our own definition of what is a challenge and what is incredible, but trust me when I say this – the simple act of doing something, whether that is by donating, supporting someone else or deciding to take on your own challenge, is incredible and it has the power to genuinely change lives.

Thank you for your support – together we have raised £2,853 for Make-A-Wish so far, that money and support literally has the power to change the life of a child at a time when they need some magic the most.

If you’d like to donate, please visit –

3 thoughts on “The gold is in how and why you finish

  1. Why?
    The question has to be ‘Why not and why wouldn’t you?’
    You do inspire. And you are changing lives.


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