I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Icebreaker Merino bodyfit underwear, courtesy of Wiggle and Icebreaker. According to the box the New York Times called these “Wool with sex appeal”, so instantly I knew that was some action I wanted to get in on. So here’s my review of these sexy shorts.

So wool, you’re thinking winter gear right? No, and this is where Merino wool specifically is pretty special. Merino is a perfect all rounder – the fabric is highly breathable, it helps to regulate body temperature, resits odour and is soft to the touch. So its perfect for outdoors and adventurous types.


So these shorts are made from merino fibre which is then wrapped around a fine nylon core, this gives the product strength, and with the addition of a lycra the product is better able to hold it’s shape.

Enough marketing spiel – what are they really like?

I’ve got a couple of merino wool base layer tops from Aldi, which I used on my 9 day John O’Groats to Land’s End cycling challenge last year, which I am hugely impressed with. So for that reason I had high hopes for these shorts – I mean who wouldn’t want their most delicate parts to be sweat and itch free!?

So in the box is one pair of merino underwear, getting them out and yes indeed they are soft to the touch but otherwise look very much like a standard pair of boxer shorts. Put them on the are incredibly soft next to the skin, they are supportive without being tight. The wide waist band keeps the shorts firmly in place, so no riding up or slipping. The shorts are made with a  flat seam so the design, plus the benefits of merino mean that there was no unwanted chaffing or rubbing of my delicate gentlemanly parts.

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 3.27.45 PM

I’ve worn the shorts on three different runs now – giving them a test on both long runs and tempo, interval sessions. I was worried the fit wasn’t going to be tight enough to keep everything in place, particularly as the front seems very flat, but I was pleasantly surprised – even at near full tilt I was still securely packaged. The seams are well placed, although the Icebreakers feature a single seam straight down the back of the shorts, rather than two that run over the buttocks, as with other brands. This does raise the very real danger of getting a wedgie while running, I personally am yet to experience that delight. Now, its January so here in the UK it’s still ruddy cold but the merino does the job and kept the important parts warm enough without things ever getting sweaty.

The Icebreakers shorts are supremely comfortable – they are the kind of boxers you’d want to wear all the time – whether it be for lounging around the house or getting out and hitting the pavements on your long runs.

Price – At £40 these are not these are not going to be the cheapest addition to your wardrobe, but they are worth the investment.

Finally, if you care, which you should, buying these shorts gives you the added bonus of buying in to a company committed to ethical and sustainable products, in both the sorts and the packaging.

Find out more

To find out more about Icebreaker and their products visit icebreaker.com

Wiggle is an online retailer of cycle, run, swim and outdoor equipment and apparel, visit them at wiggle.co.uk

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