JOGLE, if you didn’t know is simply the first letters of the start and end points of this challenge – John OGroats to Land’s End.

This ‘End to End’ journey is an iconic and epic cycling challenge and for any cyclist is a true test of stamina and determination. So, why do so many people want to do it? I think it’s the simplicity of going from North to South (or reverse if your doing LEJOG) and taking in the breath-taking and varied scenery that Great Britain has to offer.

The Route

I’ve not chosen the shortest or flattest route – cycling gives you a different perspective on the world and you see things you wouldn’t see by car.  So yes there are a few more miles involved in some places, but this is an amazing opportunity to see what this country has to offer.

My route will see me travel down through the Scottish Highlands in to the rolling hills and valleys of northern England and then down in to the moors and coastal roads of Cornwall all in just 9 days.

JOGLE Route for posters

The challenge

As you know in June I cycled from 144 miles London to Brighton and back home, as part of an earlier challenge – this is nearly 7 times further.

Most riders will aim to complete the journey in 12-14 days – I am pushing myself to complete this in 9 days.

With supported rides, baggage and kit is carried for each rider, making riding and repairs easier – I’m riding solo and unsupported, meaning I will be carrying all of my kit and spares.

Most End to End rides take place over the summer months, maximising the best of the British Summer and daylight hours – In November I will be contesting with the opposite high winds, rain, average temperatures down at 3 degrees centigrade and trying to ride in limited daylight hours.


This is the penultimate in a year of challenges, in which I hope to raise £5,000 for Make-A-Wish UK. Make-A-Wish help enrich the lives of children and young people facing life threatening conditions by granting their one true wish. No child should to have to live a life defined by illness, disability or hospital appointments – Make-A-Wish bring some magic to their lives and I think that is such an amazing gift. So that is why and why I hope you will donate and help me reach the target by the end of the year, please visit my Just Giving page and donate to this amazing cause;

How to get involved

You can follow Guy’s progress on this blog, on Facebook  on Instagram @MilesforWishes and on Twitter @Miles4Wishes


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