This is just a short video of some of the clips of my recent Three Peaks Challenge, find out more below;

I’ve dedicated this challenge to Mary Stapleford, who we sadly lost on Wednesday 2nd of August 2017. She was, in the truest sense, one of the most inspirational women I’ve ever known and the matriarch of our family – so, Grandma, that one was for you xxx

The decision to carry on and undertake the challenge was a hard one, one I repeatedly questioned the next day as I drove up to Fort William. I hope she would have approved of me carrying on and I certainly couldn’t have done it without my parents support, yet again.

She is and will always be a reminder to just keep going – she was a week away from being 101 years old. That in itself is incredible, but she was active, both physically and mentally well in to her 90’s, we played scrabble on Christmas day last year and she was still firing out high scoring words. I believe this attitude to life is what kept her going up to the end. So, thanks for the memories.

To my family and to those of you who have sent messages of support, shared and liked my posts while I was out there – thank you from the bottom of my heart, you’ve no idea what it meant – you kept me going. I gave it everything I had, I am left physically and emotionally drained and as such it will be a while before this one sinks in.

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